Has anyone experimented with NAD + applied topically to the face?

Just curious as I have used a topical cream for a month that is 10% NAD and not sure if it is having any effect whatsoever.

I used the ageless RX NAD cream for two months… didn’t notice anything.

That’s similar to my experience; so far no noticeable changes in my face, so that I may discontinue.

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I am now trying the healthspan product…it might be doing something… I am on my first month.

Is the Healthspan a different formulation?
I’m doing the Ageless NAD + prescription

Sorry I should have answered differently, the healthspan cream is topical Rapamycin. The ageless RX was NAD but didn’t give me any results

Understood. I’m going to give it one more month and if I don’t see anything, I’ll cancel and try the Healthspan product.

I use NMN powder in my creams hoping it converts into NAD. It’s not possible to measure the outcome though, besides anecdotal observation that it works well and gets absorbed easily.

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I use ProHealth NMN every morning, under my tongue, no idea if it does anything but I’ve been doing it for years and I’m afraid to stop just in case it does LOL

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I use Renue Blue with methylene blue and liposomal NAD

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