Has anyone directly bought rapamycin/empagliflozin/other diabetic medication directly in Latin America?

I just got 30 pills of 25mg empagiflozin for $60 from a pharmacy in Roatan, Honduras (Farmacias del Ahorro)

metformin is dirt cheap ($8.50 for a pack of 850 mg pills)

It did not have acarbose, rapamycin, canagliflozin, or selegiline. Diabetes is common in Latin America so the pharmacies there should have anti-diabetic medication.


Also it has Fibra con lecitina (corn fiber) which is an interesting product not found in the US…

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hello, I live in Mexico and it is quite easy to obtain some medications at very reasonable prices, 30 pills of acarbose of 50mg cost approximately 3 usd, metformin 30 pills of 850 mg cost approximately 2 usd, canagliflosin and rapamycin are not easy to obtain.