Harnessing Myokines To Preserve Muscle Power As We Age (Haseltine)

Muscles keep us moving — they are the engine of the body. But as we age, we naturally begin to lose muscle mass, and with it, strength. Slowing this process down is key to a healthy and long life. A recent study offers exciting new insights into the dynamics of muscle regeneration. The findings highlight the role of a protein called platelet-derived growth factor subunit B (PDGF-B), which is produced by muscle cells and helps stimulate both repair and growth. We may be able to harness the protein to develop therapies for muscular injuries and age-related muscle loss.


In the past few years, I’ve read of many discoveries related to muscle aging but little or no guidance as to whether, when, or how they might be translated into useful guidance @RapAdmin. Any thoughts on that related to this article?

I agree - lots of interesting developments, but nothing really actionable yet. I think the Rejuvenate Biomed’s mix is the closest we have right now (which you could do now): Rejuvenate Biomed’s drug combination (metformin & galantamine) shows promise in sarcopenia in Phase 1b trial

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Galantamine is readily available from most Indian suppliers, not Jagdish Nikose.
I stumbled across it many years ago when it was readily available from nootropics suppliers. It was mainly used for dream enhancement. Since it has achieved some recognition for other purposes such as delaying sarcopenia, I have added it to my stack which includes metformin. I now take 4 mg twice a day. I think it adds to memory recall, just a personal observation since my crossword skills have (subjectively) increased since I started taking galantamine twice a day.


Any other effects observed @desertshores, positive or negative?

Yes, I found out that it can increase gastric acid production and I did experience this side effect. It causes me to have a “sour stomach” the kind where you want to take an antacid like Tums. So, from now on I will only take it with food.
I take it for its nootropic effects. It helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine.
It also is, for me, a sleep experience enhancer.