Half Of Patients With MS Appear To Experience Swallowing Difficulties - Could Rapamycin Help?

I received this in my email today and am reminded of my own difficulties with swallowing - choking issues prior to taking rapamycin - dysphagia. Neurogenic dysphagia defines “swallowing disorders caused by diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, neuromuscular transmission, or muscles”.

It had been getting progressively worse with each year… to the point of tiny bites and a slug of liquid after - every bite. And, still food would lodge and not move. It was terrible and embarassing when out with others at dinner - suddenly you are afraid to eat - or just can’t. Seems rapamycin was able to fix the neurological problem in me. I wonder if it could help others. When I mentioned my choking issues to Matt Kaeberlein and how rapamycin fixed it… it intrigued him as a possible future area for research.

Nearly Half Of Patients With MS Appear To Experience Swallowing Difficulties, Systematic Review Suggests

Multiple Sclerosis News Today (2/7) reports that “nearly half of” patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) “experience swallowing difficulties, which is notably higher than rates seen in the general population,” investigators concluded in the findings of a 54-study, 11,266-patient systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience.