Hair loss supplements "potentially effective" according to the American Medical Association

In this systematic review of 30 studies of nutritional interventions, the highest-quality evidence suggests the potential effectiveness of Viviscal, Nourkrin, Nutrafol, Lamdapil, Pantogar, Capsaicin and isoflavone, omega 3 and 6 with antioxidants, apple nutraceutical, total glucosides of paeony and compound glycyrrhizin tablets, zinc, tocotrienol, and pumpkin seed oil. No data for dietary interventions were identified.


…“according to the American Medical Association”…

The Union for Medical Doctors and Medical Organizations.

The majority of the AMA’s interest and NOT the end-users interest.


At least for androgenic alopecia / male pattern, this stuff has been tried for decades and decades to no success. Maybe for other forms of hair loss is can be helpful.

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