Guide to Posting/posting settings?

I’ve noticed some weird quirks when posting…changes in formatting, the way links show up, etc. Is there a guide somewhere?

Figured it out. The discobot is teaching me.

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How does one do that?

If you go to your icon in the upper right hand corner and click on it, then click on messages. You should see a message from discbot that says " Now that you’ve been promoted, it’s time to learn about some advanced features!" If you reply to that, it will lead you through a brief tutorial on posting.
It didn’t answer all my questions like…sometimes if I leave a blank line as a space in my post, it makes a weird plain text box that my typing then goes into and the only way to get back is to eliminate that space. The other is something called a “onebox” which expands your links to have a picture. I think you get that by leaving the blank line above and below the link, but that can cause the weird text box.


OK, finally I found the link that gives you tips on the posting settings - more than what discobot tells you.
It is here if you look hard enough. Click on your “menu” then on “Badges” then click on the link that says “Granted”, that takes you to Discourse, then scroll down the page to the “tips and tricks” link. That takes you there.
I think that I’m going to include this as one of my mental acuity tests - How long it takes you to find the posting “tips and tricks” on RapaNews - I’m obviously hoping that taking rapamycin will improve my score.