Green robusta coffee for the chlorogenic acids? Does it have higher diterpenes? is it healthier than regular coffee?

Green Coffee & Chlorogenic Acids (CGAs)

Believe it or not, before your coffee beans were roasted, they once were raw seeds, more like a green colored cranberry than the brown nut-like bean you are familiar with. That raw bean is green coffee.

Green coffee has a higher amount of CGAs than roasted coffee beans because the roasting process breaks down the chlorogenic acid.

So why not just drink green coffee? The roasting process is what gives coffee its amazing aroma and flavor you know and love, and because of that, green coffee has a very different taste. In fact, it’s so different that green coffee is usually sold as an extract or in capsule form, instead of by the mug full. If you’re curious to try green coffee yourself, here are the directions to make it!

If you’re not a green coffee convert, don’t sweat it. Roasted coffee still packs a big CGA punch, one that is actually bigger than other popular antioxidant-rich foods like kale.

This is because green coffee contains chlorogenic acid that limits your body from absorbing carbohydrates that you eat

Looks interesting… have you tried it yet (Green coffee)? Anyone here done a deep dive into this product / compound?

Chlorogenic acid is under preliminary research for its possible biological effects.[16][17][18]

Chlorogenic acid has not been approved as a prescription drug or food additive recognized as a safe ingredient for foods or beverages.[19] There is not enough evidence to determine whether it is safe or effective for human health, and its use in high doses, such as excessive consumption of green coffee, may have adverse effects.[20]

Chlorogenic acid has been studied as a possible chemical sensitizer involved in respiratory allergy to certain plant materials.[21]