Got My Stuff! Does This Look Right?

My rapamycin shipment arrived! Bought it through the India supplier recommended on this forum.

I plan on starting with 1mg this Sunday and increasing by 1mg every week.

This might seem silly, but I wanted to show you guys the product and make sure you think it looks legit before I take it. Thanks in advance, everyone!


Congratulations! As someone has said, that packaging would be a pita to fake for a $1 pill. If you have that talent and inclination you fake $5000 pills. So yes, it looks right!

After my first 1mg pill I swear I could feel a difference in my body. Let us know how it goes for you.


I’ve seen @RapAdmin mention that taking it with a “high fat” meal would increase bioavailability.

What kind of meal would that be? Like, eggs and pancakes? Donuts? Lol.

While I agree drugs from China are suspect, I don’t believe Biocon falls into that category.

Viagra is taken by millions whereas rapamycin is taken by thousands.
Viagra(Sildenafil) is number 183 on the top 300 drugs prescribed. Rapamycin/sirolimus is not even in the top 300. The number is so low I can’t even find it.
You would have to be stupid to counterfeit a drug that isn’t very popular and not expensive.


Same one I have been taking for ~1 year and I will be ordering it again. I am positive from the changes it has made in my blood work that it is the real thing.


Welcome to the club! Did you do any blood work before starting taking Rapamycin? If not, a full blood work is usually recommended from time to time so you can track your progress and make sure the medication is safe for you.

As for the high fat meal, some people take it with canned sardines. I prefer avocado toast with egg and salmon :slight_smile:


See this post on increasing rapamycin bioavailability: Improve Bioavailability of Rapamycin (2)


That’s the same brand I take

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