Good glycan video - inflammageing

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine has some very good videos presentation’s.

In my opinion this presentation is very interesting.

Can we slow down or revert glycan ageing to stop “inflammageing”?

By Prof Gordan Lauc


start at 8:50 for his presentation:

As stated in the video, he is a co-founder of GlycanAge. He presents evidence that glycan patterns predict diseases and there are interventions that can change these patterns. He says the basic reason why the IgG glycome is important is because it is associated with inflammation.

My impression is that his proposed interventions are a supplement (ManNac) plus the usual lifestyle factors of stress, sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Has anyone done and measured such an intervention with GlycanAge?


His daughter is very approachable.

IgG differentiates between vaccine-and-infection COVID immunity too (and could explain why some people’s antibodies are better at protecting against COVID than others).

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