GlyNac Supplementation

See GlyNAC supplementation extends life span in mice

Wondering what dose in humans of Glycine and NAC would provide similar benefits in humans?


FWIW…on Dr. Green’s web site I recall he wrote about a study{link below]taking
NAC 9 grams {yes grams]and 7 grams of glycine per day. He also speaks about this dosing in one of his interviews.

Thanks Joseph. That dosing seems very high on his website (derived from a Baylor study)…

New Paper:

I am actually a patient of Dr. Green’s and have taken NAC and glycine in the doses indicated on his website for approximately 8 months. I have noticed very little, if any benefit from doing this.


what’s the dosages Dr. Green prescribes?

As in the study he quotes, 9-10 grams of cystine and 7-8 grams of glycine per day as I weigh about 76 killograms. I’ve been taking 4 600mg NAC capsules with measured loose powder with equates to 2 grams of glycine four times a day.


try NACet too


I’m a patient of dr. Green. I am 215, 6’1. He told me to take 12gm of glycine and 13gm of NAC. I workout and noticed my grip strength became considerably better after a few months. A year later, my grip strength still amazes me.


You take the NAC and Glycine in power/tablet form?

You say you workout. Assuming you do some standard lifts, have you experienced considerable increases in pondages lifted in some or all of your lifting?

I take NAC as a pill (tastes like sulfur). Easier to swallow. Glycine has been powdered granules.

I am Apoe4 positive. It’s what led me to Dr. Green and Rapamycin. Apoe4 people have a higher incidence of mitochondrial dysfunction vs regular population. I am in good shape and have always been strong. Before Gly/nac protocol, I would always feel that my grip and forearms would give out before my muscles would need to stop exerting. Once gly/nac started working, I have not had any issues with a loss of grip strength. Quite the opposite. My hands are now like vices. Last May, I brought my mother to Dr. Green for her consultation. I told him I felt that my grip strength had increased and he told me that was one of the main subjective measures that it was working. He brought out a grip strength device for me to squeeze. He looked at the reading, laughed and told me it was very good.

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Yes, due to increased grip strength alone, my strength is stronger than it was when I started bodybuilding in my 20s. A lot of us here throw the entire “kitchen sink” at longevity. Another reason I can lift and be strong like I was 20 years ago, is that since starting Rapa, I have had almost zero inflammation. Where I used to be chronically nagged by shoulder, knee, bicep, etc issues, I have been injury free for 3.5 years and pain free. This obviously helps in all regards.


@rapaman3995 - could I ask your current dosage? Thanks!


12gm of glycine and 13gm of NAC- daily

12mg Rapa once weekly

100mg Dasatinib + Fisetin 1x monthly


Any side effects with such a large weekly dose? I seem to have started getting skin infections at 6mg weekly. So I’ve started alternating 6mg one week, and 3mg the next. I also take other supplements that could be slowing my rapa metabolism and effectively lengthening the half-life. So far so good!