Glycine+NAC vs Rapamycin

Adderall is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance. It is therefore considered to have a significant risk for abuse and the development of physical dependence.
Modafinil is also a controlled substance but classified at a much lower level of control/severity than Adderall. Modafinil is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance. The difference in the formal classification of Adderall and modafinil indicates that the overall general research and the opinion of the federal government is that Adderall is a significantly more dangerous drug of abuse than modafinil.

For a brain booster (nootropic), modafinil would be better.


Could try methylene blue to see if it has any benefit on focus. It is an energy production booster…you feel it where you are having low energy. When I feel foggy or I just can’t focus, MB clears the fog. Not addictive or unhealthy as far as I know. I interviewed Scorr Sherr MD who sells a product OTC with MB.

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Interesting! I’ve seen some of you mention MB but I haven’t looked into it yet.
Thanks for the tip, I may be back with more questions! If there is truly no risk, I would love something to help with fog and focus… takes me sooo long to get admin type things done. The focus issue is why I have to ask you all EVERYTHING because I truly can’t finish reading a study!!! My mind wanders and the words on the page become a blur!!! I need short and interesting bits! If it’s interesting to me, I can hyper-focus and not hear or see anything going on around me!

On adderral for occasional use:
I was told that because it’s a vaso constrictor, it’s high risk for someone with elevated heart attack risk, which i have w a CAC of almost 500 and strong family history blah blah blah…
If I really needed it, I imagine I’d take it every blue moon, but I get through life well enough that I don’t want to add any risk I don’t need.

@ng0rge I just googled and seems modafinil might have a little cvd risk as well.

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I took 100mg Modafinil this morning since I didn’t sleep so great last night. I don’t have to do it often but some nights, it just happens for whatever reason. I will usually combine it with 5mg Nebivolol to make sure it doesn’t raise blood pressure and heart rate.


LOL Everything you describe applies to me also. I was excellent in school also but have horrible memory, and I am very lazy. The good thing I have going is the fact that I can literally do same amount of work in less than 2 hours’ time what an average person would need 8 hours. There is literally weeks where I only work one day for the week and finish off everything and then screw around on the web (doing it right now) to kill of time lol. BTW, I don’t like it at all that I’m this way, so no bragging whatsoever, I’d much rather be the average joe that goes slow and steady and at the end of each working day everything is done, as opposed to me pilling everything up for a week or so and then deciding to finish it off in one day. Instinctively I thought there’s got to be something royally screwed up with me, and even tried certain supplements (one being L-doppa and couple others) but while it felt a bit different it did nothing to make me stop going the speed of light for one day and then crawl to barely moving (because of laziness/lack of interest not any physical infirmity), and no MB did zilch for me in that department. I’ve heard of shrums and other psychedelics shit but I tend to hate to do things that mess with my brain. So, no clue if I have ADD, OCD or whatever the hell else, and don’t know if there is something that would make me go slow and steady, but for now thank God I manage fine because I am able to do a LOT in a short period of time.


But isn’t it Adderall addictive? and what was your experience in terms of addiction with it. I tend to not care about the heart risk since I tend to think I’m in very low risk category (not genetically, but personally). So, if that is the only thing that it screws up, I would give it a try, but I would consider myself the biggest and fattest loser if I did something that made me addicted to anything (trying to be as clear as possible how I feel about things that are habit forming/addictive LOL)

Good question. I think it can be addictive for certain people.

Unrelated, but related, many people who take ambien keep needing a bigger and bigger dose… I mention that because I was not addicted to adderall and it was no big deal for me to stop. I also took ambien for 20 years and never needed to increase my dose, either. I got off of it when still using less than 5mg. So, perhaps there is just something about me that made it no problem?

I’ll share that my niece who has major ADD was on it for years and is trying to get off of it for health, and she is going through MAJOR withdrawals. It’s been a tough road for her.

In thinking about me, is it that you are lazy or there is just nothing around that is motivating you at the moment. I consider myself lazy, but then I also realize if there is something I’m very interested in, I can work on it 24/7 or go go go all day… but I need to really be inspired. If it’s something I don’t really want to do, it will never ever happen.

It reminds me of my first job at Xerox when I was in training. I was tired and could barely get through the day. At the time I didn’t know anything about ADD, but the trainer said you can’t focus on anything here because this is too easy for you (sales comes naturally to me, from what I’ve been told).

I always remember leaving a job in my 20’s with a couple of thousand in expense reports that I never submitted because I just couldn’t bring myself to fill out those forms… and as you can imagine, in your 20’s, that was a lot of money! (It’s not nothing now!). It was not too long ago on a Huberman podcast that I learned ADD people can be ultra productive/focused if it’s of great interest… it explained my entire life :).

I could be hyper focused when I worked and I loved what I did, but people knew if they so much as waved at me in my office, I’d bite their heads off because it would take me out of the zone and distract me to the point of not being able to finish a sentence when I was on the phone. I don’t know if that is ADD but I’ve been that way forever.


Well, it is hard to tell for me. I can say though that lets say when I start a new job, I am totally on top of it for first month or so until it becomes routine and then it all dies off and literally do not touch anything until it is absolutely the deadline that I know it might cost me dearly if I didn’t do it. It even then it is usually the lasty minute that I finish it lol. As far as finding something I’d like to do, I’m a bit weird in that sense also because to me a job is there for me to make a living, and not because I enjoy doing. I have NEVER had a job that I loved, and I can’t possibly think of one that I would love doing. None. Zero. I’d much rather be on a beach sipping virgin margaritas (remember i don’t drink lol) than working my dream job. And that is why I tend to think I’m lazy because given a choice I’d never work one minute. But then again when I was in college, I did that full time, and worked one full time job, and one part time to the amazement of many family and friends of mine. I literally had exactly 10 hours of free time per day, of which 8 I spent sleeping (again i was blessed not to need much studying as with the professor’s lecture alone i was good for a B+ or an A, actually I had them all A’s). In other words, I am a workaholic if I need to (did not want to have debt when done school) but I HATE working.

I literally don’t know if this is normal with many people, or I just happen to be the only one in the planet like this LOL. But would love to try something (not habit forming) to make me go a bit more steady.
thanks, by the way for your input and experience, and would like anyone with anything to say to chime in.

As matter of fact, I have to prepare a HUGE reporting package for the six-month ending 06/30 (due 07/20) and everyone knows it takes at least a good 10 working days to do so. thank God I can do it in about day and half or two but even that I can’t frigging make myself find the time (clearly, I have plenty of time because I’m doing nothing other than X, Quora, and here LOL). So, there goes my struggle!

Based on me, I’d guess it’s not just you.

I was a stock broker and loved it. The only reason I found that sales job is that even though I loved my first two when I got them (xerox and then medical), like you, I was a workaholic at the beginning, but when I figured it out, I would then then find it to be extremely boring and barely worked. I then looked for the hardest job I could find that would be something I could never master.

In my first two jobs, like you, I never performed until the deadline. They used to call me the end of the quarter girl. I’d worry each and every quarter that I lost my mojo and I’d never sell anything ever again. I’d get stressed I was going to loose my job (even though they would laugh at me) and then I’d go sell a quarter’s worth of quota, plus some, in a few days. Never on purpose, but in hindsight I was sabotaging myself to create interest/motivation. My bosses knew it years before I figured it out.

Because there are so many similarities, perhaps it’s just that you never found the job you love. Most people don’t get that lucky.

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I hear you; you and I seem to be the same and are both cursed LOL.

Actually, when I think of it the only time I enjoyed what I was doing was when I was in college and working two jobs (random ones, waiter, and warehouse worker) and that is because it kept me busy going from one place to the next. So, i guess I would need five jobs per day doing 1-2 hours on each one of them to keep me on my feet and motivated. Who knew being a waiter and a warehouse worker is better than being a CFO lol.

Honestly, I think it has to do with the fact that I can do a lot on a small amount of time, and that screws everything up. For one it makes think I can do it later, since I know it takes me very little to complete, and then keep delaying and delaying and then at the end starts being worried I won’t have the time to do it. LOL

As far as finding the job I liked/loved I actually liked/loved most (especially the one I’m now) but I much rather NOT work at all. LOL. Maybe a TV commentator (since I tend to like to give my unvarnished opinion on many issues, even unsolicited LOL) would have been something I might have liked but that is too late, I guess. As far as any other job, I think the one I have now is the best option out there, I love it and also hate it :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve seen the “10x more effective” before (i’ve actually even seen 20x more effective but can”t remember where — hopefully not on a bottle of NACET). Bur i’ve never seen “10% the quantity”. Do you mean you take 10% of what you would have taken of NAc (but of NACET, at 10x the effectiveness, bit also 10x the price) to get the same amount of NAC equivalent (at the same price per NAV equivalent)?

Or am I misunderstanding?

Thanks, @DeStrider .

It’s just as you explained it.

I feel blessed and fortunate to have had jobs that I loved. As a kid I loved electronics. I have had a wonderful and colorful career doing things that I loved.

It didn’t make me rich, but I would do the thing over again.


You definitely are truly blessed!!! I love hearing that, so thanks for sharing!

I’m not the first to say this, but I agree with them that once one is able to have security, I really don’t think making even more money makes one happier. Doing what you love makes one filthy rich :slight_smile:


Why not shoot the moon for everything? :wink:

A job you love, lots of money, good health, time with family and friends. That covers the bases.

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