Glutathione regulation by melatonin?

Can someone get this paper for us all to read?

“The main purpose of this short review is to discuss evidence relating to the potential common modulation signals between the glutathione system and melatonin in the CNS. The potential regulatory mechanisms and interactions between neurons and non-neuronal cells are also discussed“

It was posted on X by MedCram.


Limn-Pacheco2010.pdf (229.3 KB)




Thanks! This paper is from (2010) the era of thinking that melatonin is a longevity supplement. Perhaps it really is…I cannot work out from this paper if oral administration of melatonin would have the effect of boosting glutathione. If so, is it a short last effect…is a short lasting effect good enough for boosting glutathione production…“take melatonin when you exercise” or “take melatonin when you eat a carb heavy meal” or some such attaching the boosted ROS defense to the timing of higher ROS generation…? Is this better than taking vit c during exercise which reduces the signal for adaptation?

There is much I don’t know. @John_Hemming Any thoughts?

I am a fan of taking melatonin at night to fit in with the sleep cycles. I do take a lot from time to time.

What it does is top up the mitochondrial melatonin via serum. It reduces ROS and has to some extent anti-puberty effects (I speak as a 63 year old baldish man with 5 children and facial hair).

I am unsure as to the interplay with glutathione, but in the end the choice is whether or not to take something and I decided some years ago to take melatonin.


Melatonin is an NRF2 activator, I understand. Perhaps it is too transient to have a large effect?