Glutamate: one ring that binds them all

This is a podcast that I suspect few will have subscribed to. Ot’s pretty interesting. Lots on the aging brain, some discussion of intermittent fasting.
It is bot about longevity or taking supplements, or even improving function as we age.
It is about glutamine, it’s role in impacting other neurotransmitters, it’s role in synaptic development and also pruning.
Krauss is a physicist, not a biochemist. Some may not like his style. There is some discussion about mitochondria, neuronal energetics and speculation about glutamine’s potential role in over excitation of other neurons in Alzheimers. At times they are both out of their wheelhouses. This wasn’t of-putting for me, but might be for others . ‎The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss: Mark Mattson: Building the Brain: Glutamate as Sculpture and Destroyer on Apple Podcasts


Based on my research of glutathione, 3 amino acids are required to make it - Glutamine, Cysteine and Glycine. In every article it says our bodies have an excess of Glutamine so there’s no need to supplement it. In fact, it tends to be cancer food so you want to clear it by making more Glutathione.

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I don’t recall anything anywhere in the podcast where he suggested glutamine supplements should be taken? Did I miss that?
If fact the counterfactual seemed to be the case in Alzheimer’s, where an excess of this excitatory neurotransmitter might be harmful.
I found the podcast interesting from a mechanistic point of view, and because I like listening to people still passionate about their life’s work.
Anyway, if you could shoot a time stamp where he suggests supplements, I’ll re-listen.

Regardless, I edited my suggestion so people won’t venture in if they are only interested in someone pushing yet another unproven supplement.

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