Glucose testing strips for measuring how much is in pee after taking -flozins?

Any recommendations? Does pee at least become more bubbly?

I would like to know too. To be honest the first time i was using empagliflozin 25mg i taste my pee and it was a bit sweet. But how much ? 25g/L, 50g/L, 100 g a day of glucose?!
My lab don’t do quantitative glycosuria…

Mystery for now

Interesting question. These agents essentially block some of the reabsorption of glucose from the renal tubules. In general, once a person’s blood glucose is ~200 mg/dL or higher, the ability to reabsorb glucose starts to be saturated, and you’ll start naturally spilling glucose in your urine. But for those without hyperglycemia, generally you won’t spill glucose into your urine. There are some exceptions and variations on this.
So the higher your blood sugar, the more you’ll spill quantitatively.
If I had a burning desire to get a quantity of glucose one is spilling with a SGLT2 inhibitor, I think the cheap and easy would be a mid day 6 hour urine collection, and use a urine dipstick that at least quantifies the concentration of glucose. The problem is, most of the ones I see are at maximum at 1000 mg/dL which is 1 gram in 100 mL.
I suspect that anyone on an SGLT2 inhibitor will go above that threshold and just test the maximum on such strips.
I suspect there is a better way, and someone has a better test, but if there are some strips that go above this 1 gram/100 mL I’d say you’d be able to estimate.

What about first diluting the urine with enough to ensure you remain below the maximum test threshold before taking the test?

Then you can adjust your result based on the degree of your dilution.

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For what it’s worth, 4 weeks after starting dapagliflozin 5 mg, my glucose in urine was 300 mg/dL (before dapagliflozin: 0). I’m neither diabetic nor pre-diabetic (Hb A1c around 5%) and I try not to eat too much carbs (and totally avoid sugary foods and drinks).


That would absolutely work. Naturally, the lower your blood sugar, the less will be dumped in your urine. You can certainly sort out how many calories you are dumping per day. I just don’t know of any basis to say what to do with the results, apart from saying the medication is causing some glucose to get through that otherwise wouldn’t have.

Here is what AgelessRx is using in their mini trial on whether every other day dosing of Cana works well from a glucose perspective in healthy individuals in a longevity context:

It’s only one collection on a testing day (of partial amount of urine if larger in one go than the container). So no complex 24 hr collection or something that is cumulating the urine. If they think good enough for their small trial, it might be good enough for our N=1 experiments?

I think it might be this one (at least they are getting the Access Medical Labs ones from Rupa health):

P.S. @AlexKChen and others, I just had my trial kick off call with AgelessRx and they have 2-3 spots left if anyone is still interested. (you get your own data back, including from four urine draws across the 2 weeks of the short trial).

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