Getting Rapamycin in South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand?

Wondering if we have any members from South Africa that use Rapamycin. I’d be very interested to learn how difficult it is to get access to Rapamycin (and medication such as SGLT2-inhibitors/acarbose) in different provinces of South Africa?
Actually I had the same question with regard to Indonesia and Thailand - but don’t want to make 3 separate threads with this question :slightly_smiling_face:. I’d be interested to learn also how difficult it would be to get a prescription for these meds in these countries and different regions in these countries. (Not sure if I’d want to try out having meds shipped from India, as I don’t know what the consequences would be if they would be seized by customs in different countries/regions).

Many thanks!


I live in Thailand, and have tried to get Rapamycin from the doctors here explaining longevity benefits etc. The ones I talked to looked at me like I was some kind of maniac trying to kill myself. No way was always the answer.
I have tried to order from India multiple times, a small order went through customs unnoticed that was just a couple of strips with pills, used up long time ago.
tried to buy bigger orders from India 4 times, every time confiscated by customs.
If anyone knows how to get it, please tell


@Goran Thanks so much, Goran. Appreciate your input - sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing trying to get access to Rapa though. As to orders getting confiscated: are there potential legal risks associated with that (with ordering and trying to import medication from India)? (Also if you were to stay in Thailand as an expat/tourist?)

Customs told my secretary that medications from India get’s screened. So I guess it is not the smartest place to buy from. I will try an online pharmacy in Singapore next time.
I don’t believe it is any legal risks.

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