iPhone app for tracking resilience/age from phone accelerometer age) - I'm meeting the team at Zuzalu

(they also collect data from UK biobank). They’re looking for new people to onboard on their platform. Some of their papers take a very physics-based approach although I know their datasets could be more complete

I met up with the team today - if you have any questions for them, let me know. They want more users who can be storytellers for their platform (I’m thinking athletes!) Peter Fedichev on the team. is an extremely legit scientist.

Ironically happening at same time as

Biology of Aging Symposium IV 2023: Toward the Biology of Healthy Longevity

May 13-16 2023

What is aging? What is health?

What potential is there for interventions that would improve health? These and other questions will be tackled at the fourth edition of our international symposium on aging biology, which will take place in Montreal, Canada.

The world’s foremost experts on aging biology will share their visions of the field, addressing core questions related to current and future directions of the field. Key themes will include cellular senescence, immunosenescence, and basic mechanisms more generally, as well as comparative biology, systems biology, complex systems, and big data.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

Alan Cohen and Tamàs Fülöp
Co-presidents of the scientific committee

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