German Entrepreneur and Investor Christian Angermayer is on a Mission to Find a Cure for Ageing

Christian Angermayer is the key backer for Cambrian Biopharma, the James Peyer led longevity investor group that helped launch Joan Mannick’s new firm Tornado Therapeutics.

Introducing the man who is pioneering a biotech trail to enhance the standard of living and potentially extend human lifespan by several decades.

Rejuveron Life Sciences and Cambrian Biopharma, both biotech firms founded by Angermayer, are working on the development of medical drugs that aim to considerably extend not only the human lifespan, but also the period of good health that accompanies it. In fact, Angermayer was a driving force behind the concept of ‘longevity biotech’, which has since gained momentum worldwide.

“I honestly believe that we are going to push the limits of human life expectancy up by several decades,” Angermayer tells GQ Middle East. “Granted, it isn’t something that is going to happen tomorrow or within a few years, but when you consider the amount of exponential progress the biotech industry is making at the moment, then I have no doubt that we can get there in 15 to 20 years,” he continues.

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