Gel Cap Vs EVOO

I’ve found that lately I have been buying more and more powder supplements as opposed to capsules and then mixing them in EVOO. I have assumed that this was both cheaper and more effective than buying gel capsules filled with the same powder. Especially those supplements that are best taken with a fat source.

I originally got the idea from Dr. Sinclair as this is what he does with some of his supplements. Does anyone have any scientific data to back this thought process up?

Thanks in advance.

However there are still some pills I cannot take in powder form as their taste is too vile like NAC or quercetin.


Its going to depend on whether the supplements / drugs are water or oil soluble - right? Do you check beforehand to see if a given compound is water or oil soluble?

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Yes, usually I check. But there are some water-soluble ones that should be OK in fat as well? Or am I off-base on this one?

The other solution is to add the water-soluble powders to one of my daily coffees.

I’m curious about this as well. I am careful to pull aside any supplements that say “empty stomach” or “between meals” to take between meals. But otherwise I put everything in shakes to take before breakfast or after dinner. Taste be damned.