Gears of Aging (Less Wrong)

I just came across this, which I thought provides some good overviews of different aspects of aging:


“Wrinkles: As we age, our wrinkle-wavelength grows, so we have fewer, larger wrinkles - which are more visible.”

There’s an easy method to fix wrinkles. Most wrinkles form at night when face rubs against pillow. To prevent this from happening, I apply these facial triangle “smoothies” (link is below) that I get on Amazon. They are sold in different shapes and lengths. Before going to bed, I apply smoothies on several areas on my face: side of eyes, cheeks, jaw line. In the morning, I don’t have a single wrinkle thanks to this easy-to-fix method. 30 min before smoothies application, I usually apply 2 drops of Microbiome Ampule HA.

Smoothies Facial TRIANGLE Wrinkle…