Galleri test prescription

I’m interested in paying for a liquid biopsy out of pocket. I believe Galleri is the only one available in the US. Their website has a telemed referral service, but it seems to only be for 50yo+. Anyone have any luck elsewhere? Telemed would be preferable.

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You might be able to get it through AgelessRx


I think any doc can order this test. Mine ordered it for me.

Galleri has a $100 discount through Feb 29, 2024 in USA on their, off the $949 list price.
You need to use the Galleri Key “24Feb100” on the first page where you enter your email, instead of selecting “self pay” : If you miss that, they don’t give you another chance to enter the code.


Another company:


The 2 cancer screens may be complimentary : OneTest is based on specific protein cancer markers in the blood, while Galleri is based on DNA methylation pattern sequencing of DNA fragments in the blood shed by dead cells, including cancer cells that have a unique methylation pattern for different cancer types. OneTest is cheaper but positive results need to be confirmed with 1-2 retests at one month intervals, unless you go straight for confirmation via MRI imaging or tissue biopsy.