FWIW...my current "Coffee Mix"

Coffee with a purpose;

16oz of fresh grounded and brewed coffee black, added;

2 scoops of organic collagen peptides powder{Forest Leaf brand]
1 tbsp of trehalose{bulk powder]
½ tsp of glycin{bulk powder]
1 tbsp of D-Ribose{NOW Sports brand is the Bioenergy RIBOSE®]
1 tbsp of MCT oil{NOW Sports brand]
1 tbsp of organic virgin coconut oil{Spectrum brand]
1 envelope of Knox unflavored gelatin


I really like my coffee too much to put in so many additives. I prefer to disguise my collagen etc, in my protein shake which tastes like s**t anyways.


Surprisingly - my coffee taste basically the same with all the additives - I find it easy to mix up my powders in a ceramic cup at night before I go to bed - I additionally do A-AKG good for rebuilding muscles and more. A-AKG tastes bitter and horrible in water - even with a lemonade powder. However the taste vanishes in coffee.

Wake up make my Dark Magic Coffee in the cup and BAM!

My cup is about a 1/3 full of powder additives - but it immediately dissolves and despite the high supplement proportion - still is coffee. I am having the last sips of mine right now.

I think it is the easiest way to get that all those supplements done at the start of the day!


Aren’t you “gilding the lily” by having collagen, glycine and Knox gelatin? All are metabolized to glycine, are they not?



Glycine has three metabolic pathways.

Collagen is broken down to individual amino acids as the body can not/does not absorb collagen.

Gelatin I do not know, if you are that interested an overview on Gelatin review;



From the link you posted:

Gelatin is a naturally occurring biodegradable and multifunctional protein type [biopolymer] possessing thermoreversible nature. Gelatin is a mixture of proteins and peptides [205]. It is derived by partial [hydrolysis] of collagen and the collagen for the production of gelatin is obtained from the animal bones and skin trimmings.

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