"Functional Nitric Oxide Nutrition: Dietary Strategies to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease" - by Dr. Nathan Bryan

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Thanks for sharing, the greatly reduced levels of nitrate content of organic vegetables compared to non-organic is an interesting fact. It makes sense, since they can’t use chemical fertilizers

I eat celery every day but I still have to supplement to have consistently good NO (measured via test strips).


Take small dose 2.5mg of tadalafil daily, male or female. Will increase NO systemically

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Tadalafil does not make NO like beets or celery or nitrite supplements will. Tadalafil only makes whatever NO you have last longer. This is why ED meds don’t work for many guys…they don’t have enough NO to make a difference.

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Hence why many guys would benefit from eating more red beet alongside with supplementing with L-citrulline.

Tadalafil assist to convert “nitrates” to NO.

Does not work for most ED issues as there is not enough nitrates in the system.

Eating beets, celery, celery salt {which is higher in nitrates]

You eat high nitrate containing food take low dose tadalafil you increase NO.

And if you really want to measure NO function on endothelial use an EndoPAT device/instrument

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Tadalafil is a PDE5 compound

“Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5): Structure-function regulation and therapeutic applications of inhibitors”