Fructosamine levels - they are more sensitive to recent rapamycin use than hemoglobin a1c

and more useful on that regard. it is also WAY more useful as an indicator of change in “good or bad” after intervention (whether dietary or through lots of taurine/carnosine/metformin). Kind of like oxidized LDL in this regard [also an indicator of recent change over the past few weeks], and can be reduced via taurine

Mine was:



    • 268

Jun 2024

  • Range: 205-285

But this is really sad and high because it’s still unusually high even though I was frequently taking canagliflozin the week before and mostly stuck to beans and tomatoes (only healthy foods), albeit still a lot of carbs. and my weight has consistently been 95 (lower than it usually is) so my net calorie intake has been lower.
[i havent been boiling very many vegetables though even though i should]. primarilyi’ve been eating canned tomatoes and beans, and not so much real vegetables… Maybe I should switch more [I havent even used this instant pot yet

My average glucose has been 97 but fructosamine of 268 implies much much higher… (There is very high variation in the .4 correlation). But if I’m having nonenzymatic glycation at higher values…

Even the aginGSOS panel showed a lot of glycosylation in a background of otherwise super healthy values

I’m swapping out garbanzo for kidney beans and probably upping fat intake and will retake


It sounds like you are getting some glucose spikes, even though your 97 gm/dL is decent.

Thoroughly cooking starchy veggies will increase digestion rate and increase average blood glucose, so for those veggies that can be eaten raw or undercooked, that’s better. Of course there can be anti-nutrient issues more often when you eat raw; sometimes it’s a can’t-win situation.

Yeah I’ll have to get 1,6 AG

I have really really bad spikes in response to berries, contrary to everyone else. It sucks. I’ll have to replace them with peaches

I might test this next time, Fructosamine | Ulta Lab Tests

Do you know where we can get glycated albumin tested?

Great, thanks a lot Alex.

god i meant 1,5-Anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG)

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tested again, 252 now

[this time i ate fewer berries/fruits]

On 10/22/2020 I got…

8 Glycated serum proteins (GSP) 273.0 µmol/L 100.0 - 260.0 µM

So this has always been an issue for me, borderline high issue…

These are the same units as fructosamine it makes me wonder if they’re almost the same, or if one explains more than 50% of the variance of the other. [looks like they might just be the SAME]…