Fructokinase inhibitors to block fructose metabolism

“living without fructokinase would probably solve a lot of the world’s health problems"**- Rick Johnson
see #87 - Rick Johnson, M.D.: Metabolic Effects of Fructose - Peter Attia

I discovered that luteolin is a fructokinase inhibitor, personally I’ve been making sure to consume some luteolin (and also fiber and sglt-2 inhibitors) in case I’m consuming any sweet fruit.

I’m wondering if anyone uses fructokinase inhibitors already and if so, what’s your protocol? Are you aware of other fructokinase inhibitors that are easy to obtain?

also relevant:

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Wouldn’t it… prevent fructose from being metabolized and just increase fructose levels? Given that fructose is VERY prone to glycosylation