Free longevity summit online starts today 25th of April

I stumbled upon this free longevity summit where Matt Kaeberlein will be speaker on. There are also some other good longevity speakers.


Thanks Krister.

@RapAdmin is there anything I can do better when posting things so they don’t get missed and we end up with multiple duplicate/parallel threads - for example I posted about this same conference 3 days ago here:

And something similar happened during the weekend where I posted about the Life Bio / David Sinclair non-human primate OSK / partial reprogramming results and then later that same day a separate thread on the exact same topic was started.

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Not really - I try to clean things up when I have a chance.

USually the software will tell people if there are similar titles of links posted, but people use different titles, etc. so its not foolproof.

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Ok, thanks RapAdmin, got it.

I will try to better check if a event has been published before. Sorry for that :pray:

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No worries at all, I’m just learning the ropes and best practices here.

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