For those of you who take Vit D

Any thoughts on this?

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Direct correlation between Vitamin D and Covid:

Interesting, but my main question would be: it the maximum change of -3.5% bone mineral density functionally significant so that fractures would increase? Might the bone strength change in a different way from BMD? Normal aging during the 3-year study might account for about a -1% change in BMD.

btw, for Vitamin D conversion, 100nmol/L = 40ng/ml, and the highest supplemented group they measured had 188nmol/ml = 75ng/ml, usually considered to be the high end of normal.

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Yeah honestly I still am in the camp that most people are not getting enough Vit D and supplementation would not hurt. I get sunlight and take Vit D , but just saw his post and was wondering how everyone else felt about it

I think the study I referenced was linking lower levels of Vitamin D as being correlated to worse Covid outcomes. Or, conversely…

Not a treatment post infection. Just interesting.

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Yeah definitely interesting, again I just see conflicting literature out there that I am not sure about Vit D. That’s why I just wanted opinions

Unless the studies measure blood levels, and not just doses taken I would argue the data is meaningless.

NB: I have both osteopenia and mild autoimmune issue, and for me I’m comfortable taking higher doses getting blood tests to keep in the desired range ie for me at least 40 (forget units).