For the slightly older folks, if you were in your 30s now what kind of lifestyle or interventions would you be focusing on?

It hit me now that I’ll be closer to 40 in a few months than to 30!

The big ones…

Diet (optimized for longevity - see Mike Lustgarten videos for his protocol.
Diet - Lower blood sugar peaks - avoiding simple carbs

Zone 2 exercise: target a couple of hours every week, See Peter Attia’s videos on this topic.

Weights/resistance training: Again, target 1 to 2 hours per week - Peter Attia

Manage your own weight levels - target a lower BMI - eg. between 19 and 21.

  1. Enjoy life. Job, fun, whatever…stress will kill you quicker than most other things and is cumulative. plus, if you don’t enjoy life, why bother trying to live longer? If you do this # 2, 3 and 4 will come naturally.

  2. Don’t be an exercise nut, unless you truly enjoy it for its own sake. Two hours a day every day is a waste of time and the hours in your life. Three and you need counseling.

  3. Diet…same as exercise. Raw sugar is bad. Everting else is OK in moderation.

  4. Keep your weight at a place you feel good…forget most about BMI. Lots of chunky people are really healthy.

  5. Control BP.

  6. Control lipids