For metformin's sake (eg Parkinson's risk), I want a final answer to "does inhibiting complex I increase/decrease lifespan/healthspan?" Does CR inhibit it?

I know (LIKE EVERYTHING) it is WAY more complex than this. But there are trends.

Someone thinks inhibiting complex I is why it increases Parkinson’s. I’m not sure if typical doses of metformin are enough to inhibit complex I - whether the inhibition is temporary or sustained, AND if effects are different in neurons vs other tissue.

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from Sydney:

Complex I inhibition is a process that affects mitochondrial respiration and energy production. According to some studies12, complex I inhibition can have positive effects on lifespan by activating certain pathways that enhance stress resistance and reduce fat accumulation. However, complex I inhibition can also increase reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, which can cause oxidative damage and cell death34. Therefore, complex I inhibition may have different outcomes depending on the context and dosage.

Are you interested in a specific organism or compound that inhibits complex I?

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Yes, I want to know more about green tea catechins.Yes, I want to know more about metformin.No, thank you. That was very helpful.