For 100 year old men in Italy and Costa Rica the key to a long life is quiet quitting — and always making time for happy hour


I see no reason why we can’t work towards implementing all these longevity approaches… rapamycin etc., and more social / lower stress lives:

Tech exec and venture capitalist Bryan Johnson has a strict daily eating routine that ends at 11am, and he even once tried injecting some of his son’s blood to infuse himself with youth (that didn’t work). Other longevity seekers are popping pills like metformin and rapamycin, or putting their faith in supplements like NMN.

In Sardinia, men accidentally figured out something unique about longevity long ago. The island is home to the highest concentration of male centenarians on the planet. (In the US, 100-year-old women outnumber men by a factor of almost 6 to 1, but in Sardinia, the ratio is more like 1 to 1.)

“It’s not that these shepherds here don’t have any stress, it’s just that they seem to have not a lot of chronic stress.” Buettner, who also has a forthcoming how-to book about Blue Zones secrets for living longer, said. “Men in Sardinia work, but they don’t appear to be especially stressed out at work.”