Flu Vaccine and Alzheimers

I read about this study (see Flu Vaccination Linked to 40% Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease).

Research Paper:

I never get the flu vaccine and never have gotten the flu…but perhaps I should rethink getting this vaccine?


I tell all my patients to get the flu vaccine (haven’t seen one with contraindications yet) and I take it every year at October (late Oct to be specific). There is strong evidence that it protects against heart disease.

But some people are stubborn, some people think it doesn’t work just because they got it anyways, it’s better to get sick from the flu “naturally”, rather wait for it to hit the area and get it (too late since antibodies take time to make, it doesn’t work right away), already vaccinated last year so don’t need it, and some people think it can give you the flu etc etc.

I can count so many times where people think they know better. The flu vaccine is really one of the biggest no-brainers any way you slice it with extremely rare exceptions and it’s literally free of charge - yet there are enough people who won’t take it that it is a fairly common issue.


RapAdmin and MAC, curious your thoughts on Flu Vaccine?

I’ve had the flu once in the past 6 or 7 years or so, so while I completely support flu vaccinations and encourage my parents to get them (and they do, regularly) but I only sporadically get the flu vaccine just because I don’t feel I’ve had much risk. But this new information related to Alzheimers will likely (after I’ve reviewed it in more depth) make me more rigorous with my getting the flu vaccine.

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As far as I can remember, I’ve never had the flu and have never taken a flu shot. Although AD prevention is a cornerstone of my interventions, and a reason I took the Shingrix vaccine (shingles). Although the study above has some confounders, I see no reason to not add a flu shot as yet another add on. I will be getting this year. Also tripled MRNA vaxxed, getting my fourth just before fall. This COVID virus is nasty, can penetrate the CNS.

There’s a huge body of evidence implicating viral as precipitator of Alzheimer type dementia.