Flaxseed is it satiating? pro longevity? Is too much "bad" because of all the PUFAs?

I just ate some for the first time in a long time

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Yes, great for you but I’ve heard to not have much more than a couple tablespoons a day of ground flax seed. I don’t remember the reason.

too much PUFAs/omega-3’s can make the membranes super-peroxidable? IF absorbed into the cell membranes, which is still a major if?

Ground flaxseed is also so addicting. But it’s also way more satiating per calorie than almonds are

They may reduce cholesterol A LOT but it depends on how much you consume…

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It’s bad to eat too much because of the cyanide content.

Probably Cyanide, but thats debunked.

U would need to eat Kgs of Flax… daily to get to those dangerous levels.