"Find Lab Tests Online" Searches by price


Came across this search engine, searches testing by price on LabCorp and/or Quest testing.

Use this to compare cost.

Another tool to use.

Example Heavy Metals Panel (Venous)


Marek Diagnostics and Own Your Labs not included in here.

If you are going to test at LabCorp, likely best to use MD or OYL. The comparison prices for LabCorp vendors on the above website are far higher, to the extent that I sampled.

If using Quest, perhaps the website is helpful.


I’ve been happy with OYL.

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Tip: If you use LabCorp, and haven’t done this, be sure to create an account at patient.labcorp.com, using the same name and address that you used with the test vendor. You should then get an email notification form LabCorp when results are ready. (Ini addition to whatever the test vendor sends you.) This is useful if there is some transmission delay from LabCorp to the vendor. Right now, Marek isn’t getting results from LabCorp for some reason, but Labcorp does have the results available on the patient website.

Also, if you have the same lack of patience I do, recommend splitting off any exotic tests to a separate order from the mainline ones. I get the mainline test results the next day here in San Diego, because LC has a processing center here. Sirolimus or Omega Check, for example, get sent out of town and take multiple days to result. Where a test gets sent is not immediately obvious, but experience shown that CBC, usual lipids, metabolic panel, apob and a1c will be handled locally.


Use it as a tool.

Same test at 5 different Sellers at the same lab you will get 5 different prices

HippEVO has very low pricing on some test

Marek Diagnostics has/had the lowest price for rapamycin blood test

And there are many other’s

Review/shop and compare they all use the same laboratory for the majority of the tests