Feedback from ITP on Compound Proposal

I submitted a proposal to ITP this year, and received feedback. I’ll share the comments here and would love to hear other people’s feedback from their ITP submissions.

“The C2024 ITP proposals have been reviewed by the ITP Access Panel and Steering Committee. Regrettably, the combination of rapamycin, trametinib, and lithium was not prioritized to move into pilot studies for Phase I testing. Some of the reviewers’ comments were as follows:

While the rationale for testing rapamycin and trametinib is strong, the reasons for selecting lithium are less clear. The application states that lithium can extend lifespan in mice but no reference is provided. Nespital et al. reported in Aging Cell in 2021 that “lithium can mildly increase health during aging but not lifespan in mice.”

Several statements require clarification. Why is it recommended to start the treatment at 7-9 months of age? Periodic blood tests are suggested as a method for monitoring effectiveness of the treatment but it is not stated what is to be measured.”


Its great that they provide some feedback. Thanks for sharing!

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