FDA seized the shipment

Was ordering from India for 3 years without a problem until this time. Customs seized it and will not release it.

Has this happened to anyone else before?

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So, far I have not had a problem with customs. But, my latest order seems to be stuck inbound at customs. My past orders have been through customs in 48 hrs or less. It been static for 5 days.

Never mind! I miss-read the tracking. Usually, I have seen a separate notice when it cleared customs. My package should be arriving shortly.

Last December, USA Customs confiscated an order from India. First time for me. The vendor replaced it.

Maybe yours gets out but mine was seized and confiscated. Now looking for another pathway.

It occasionally happens.

Suggest you ask for it to be replaced. If they refuse, let us know the vendor.

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On it. I’ll update it ASAP. Maybe have them repackage everything by taking it out of the boxes and putting into a bottle and labeling it something else. I dunno just trying to troubleshoot.

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In my case, after seizure I feared my name and address might come up on a search list so I had the package sent to a friend.

I also considered using a different name but same address.

It happens occasionally - have you read this thread? Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (2)

I suspect you probably got a letter like this below.

How many tablets were you trying to import. I suspect that that if you order too many, its harder to justify for “personal use” which I think allows you to bring in some reasonable amount of medication for your own use. An example of a higher number of tablets is seen in the letter below the person was trying to import 600 tablets. People who limit their purchase to 300 or so tablets seem to do better… but hard to know for sure.

I’m curious - what was the name of the vendor you were purchasing from in India. I’m wondering if the companies with “pharma” or similar in their names have a higher “hit rate” than others…

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Is there a sense if these seizures are 100% random or do they tend to happen with larger quantity shipments more than small?

We don’t have enough data yet to draw any firm conclusions… I’m just theorizing that larger quantity packages, and companies that clearly call out the “pharmaceutical” nature of the shipment, either through the company name or via the listing of products included in the package, likely have a higher rate of being identified. I’ve gotten some packages that identify the contents as “health products”, other that identify the contents as “medicine”. I’ve had no issues with either, but I assume the later draws more attention.


Before I managed to find a doctor to prescribe I had a shipment seized about three years ago.

I had my 1st order seized by Canada Customs but have had no issues since getting deliveries to Arizona.


I just received a shipment from Apple Pharmaceuticals, their name clearly stated on the label. I think seizures are random, kind of like the TSA deciding to swab your hands or luggage for traces of whatever. Security theater, customs theater… but agree with Admin that smaller quantities are less of a concern to customs.

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