Explain the relationship?

Saw this info from a study on SIRT1 and am confused as to any benefit from talking an activator like NMN along with rapamycin?

“We demonstrate that SIRT1 deficiency results in elevated mTOR signaling, which is not abolished by stress conditions. The SIRT1 activator resveratrol reduces, whereas SIRT1 inhibitor nicotinamide enhances mTOR activity in a SIRT1 dependent manner.”

Are they referring to mTORc1?

If anyone has light to shed I’d be grateful, I’ve been taking NMN and hope to start Rapa soon.

I can link the study if needed, it lists Blagosklonny as editor.


Do you feel that you have had positive results from taking NMN, subjectively or measured?

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Yes - always post links to the research article, without it I think its hard to have a decent conversation…

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Ok thanks.
Maybe this will work

Yes, for sure. Obviously anecdotal, but within 7-10 days I was lasting longer on the treadmill; my heart rate while doing cardio stayed lower for longer times.
I did notice a small amount of increased endurance/tolerance with weight training as well. It took a little more to exhaust muscle, etc.

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I’ve felt the same increase in endurance on NMN. When I cycled (not that I am anywhere near professional) there were some hills I just had to get off the bike and walk up the hill. After taking NMN, I could power up every hill that I couldn’t before. Completely anecdotal, but I didn’t correlate the NMN to those events until afterward, so not sure if it was a placebo effect unless there’s a “subconscious placebo effect”.

Also, NMN is derived from vitamin B which is a known energy booster, so I give it the credit.


Thanks, sounds very similar to my experience. Were you also taking rapamycin at the same time? If so, were there any interactions?

I wasn’t taking Rapamycin at the time. I take both Rapamycin and NMN now (along with a lot of other supplements). I feel like a different person in many ways. I think each supplement modifies you in its own unique way.


I have never had amazing physical performance improvements unless I want resolving a deficiency: dehydration, glucose deprivation, vitamin deficiency. Could you have been deficient in NAD that NMN resolved? I don’t think more NAD beyond a normal amount would be noticeable even if good. Am I wrong?


A deficiency was possible. I am 66 so there’s that.
And there was no improvement I would describe as amazing, just basically a small improvement in endurance.
I am concerned about taking NMN with rapa because of interactions. I don’t want one to cancel the other out.
I’m also using low dose trt and also concerned about interactions there.

I’m guessing I just need to give it a try and do my best to stay on top of it all.

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Kicking off the Rapa adventure today with 1 mg to start. Plan to follow rap admin’s approach of a 1mg increase per week until hopefully I find the right spot!


Welcome to the party! And good luck.