Experimental regenerative medicine shows potential to restore bone in an animal

Zebrowitz, E., et al. (2022) Prolyl-hydroxylase inhibitor-induced regeneration of alveolar bone and soft tissue in a mouse model of periodontitis through metabolic reprogramming. Frontiers in Dental Medicine. doi.org/10.3389/fdmed.2022.992722.


By temporarily elevating HIF-1a, the drug shifts a tissue’s metabolic state toward one used in early fetal development

and not just bone, but aged skin and non-healing wounds:

formulated as topical or injectable hydrogels…these formulations are used to promote skin healing or restore skin integrity, including tissue damaged by natural aging. Chronic wounds often do not heal for older people

If our skin is restored, that means not only do we look better, but part of our body’s first line of immune defense is restored.