Experiences with AMLA

Just ordered some Amla and am curious about the experiences of other folks.

How many grams do you take in a single serving? Do you take it daily? Once a day or more? Have you noticed any side effects, good or bad? If mixed in a smoothie, do you ever add additional ingredients? I am considering a smoothie with Amla and some collagen.

Hi, welcome to the forum. I’ve not heard of AMLA before. I see some info on it here:

What research convinced you that its something you want to add to your smoothie - any information specifically?

Dr Gregor (plant based eating fame) is very big on it (high ORAC score think). You can search his website: nutritionfacts.org

I would make sure you buy from reliable source ie one that tests for heavy metals as Indian supps, etc are known for being often contaminated.

Amla is one of the 3 plants in Triphala a traditional Ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) remedy which has been recommended for centuries.


Started 3 weeks ago taking caplets, 2 at the same time, once a day. Dose of each caplet is 600mg - 300mg amla powder stem{2% tannis, 7mg] and 250mg amla fruit extract{46% tannins, 112.5mg]
1,200mg a day total

The product I am using is/advertised/sold as Organic.

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I take an extract of amla called TrueCapros, which has been used in some of the published research. I’m taking other lipid-lowering meds (PCSK9 inhibitor and ezetimibe), but amla does seem to lower my lipids even further. I stopped it for a couple of months and just restarted it this month, and will getting new labs in a few weeks, so will be interesting to see once again if it has an additional effect over and above what I’m already doing.

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Check out Dr Grer on Amla

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I just started taking the same brand. Will check labs after a few months.

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