Experience with Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)?

Hi Folks, Ran across this info mercial youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC8052WTtLk

Leading to this product site: https://nadplusathome.com/product/nad-at-home/

They sell the NAD+ ( Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) injectable, needles for $350. Seems ripe for FDA cease and desist but thats another issue. Anyone have experience with this product? My wife has a few bad joints that this product may be of help. We are already keto, wear CGMs, fast, red light, PEMF. This might be a help.

I’ve been on rapa and the Johnson’esk kitchen sink for a few years, and doing ok.

Tnx to all here! Curt

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It appears that NAD+ via IV is rapidly converted. I’m not convinced that IV application of NAD+ provides any better result than using a precursor like NR or NMN. I’m personally not interested in doing IV therapy that would be required for a lifetime to get a benefit.

I don’t see any studies on subcutaneous injection and I’m pretty sure? NAD+ orally has zero benefit due to the action of the digestive system.

A lifetime of taking an oral supplement is something I can tolerate.

A Pilot Study Investigating Changes in the Human Plasma and Urine NAD+ Metabolome During a 6 Hour Intravenous Infusion of NAD+

In conclusion, this study was able to reveal for the first time some very useful, previously unknown, information about the fate of exogenous IV NAD+ in humans including, the overall safety and tolerability of an IV NAD+ infusion at a rate of 3 μmoles/min, the rapid sequestering of NAD+ from the plasma, the likely contribution of both NAD+ glycohydrolase and NAD+ pyrophosphate activity in the metabolism of NAD+ and the apparent efficient renal tubular reabsorption of NAM.


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Spend the $350 on more Rapamycin.


The evidence on NAD alone is sketchy, and this new concoction even less. Don’t waste your money.


I’ve been taking NMN for NAD boosting. It helps with jet lag (I don’t get jetlagged when I take NMN) and an energy boost (placebo?). Due to its effects on jet lag, I know it is doing something. Whether it is going to improve my lifespan is another question. There are many other things that I feel are more useful. NMN is just useful enough that I haven’t dropped it yet.

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