Experience with Meldonium

Anyone have experience using meldonium? I used it for a while and seemed to have slightly better endurance while running…


would make sense due to similarities to L-Carnitine

How has your experience been with it and what was your rationale for using it?

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Lol it’s like saying, anyone tried EPO?

Is it as effective as EPO?

Re EPO - no idea, but the safety profile is better. You don’t have to worry about blood clots. Eastern bloc/Russian countries seem to have an idea on which compounds can improve performance.

I tried it to see if I could have better workouts - seemed to help me maintain better pace on longer runs, but that’s it.

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Does it only help with endurance training or could it help with anaerobic?
Also what brand is good to buy it ?

also what dosing regimen do you use

Thats the understatement of the decade :grin:

From my reading it’s more for improvement in aerobic activities, but I could be wrong. Grindex makes it - you can get 60 capsules from Amazon for around $30 - I took 500mg per day.

I’ve read that is has benefit for heart function as well, so I was looking into taking it for that. But I wonder if there would be any drawbacks from taking it at a young age(24). Although it seems like taking L-Carnitine or Nitric oxide

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Ha - may skip doing another meldonium trial…