Exosomes for anti-aging with Dr Sandra Kaufmann

In my view another Dr Sandra Kaufmann video worth watching.

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It’s an excellent product, but a pretty bad video and injection technique. He injects too deep, that’s why he’s bleeding. Why the needle is so long? It’s a kind of dangerous and he could easily hit a nerve.

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Anyone know of any reliable sources to purchase exosomes? I’d love to experiment with topical application following microneedling both my face and scalp.

Several South Korean sites sell them. I’m not sure that they are ready for prime time yet. Some people get bad reactions from topical use.


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“The caveat to it is you’ll only have good regeneration if you’re healthy, young, and have strong regenerative signals.”

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If you contact Sandra Kaufmann MD, she answers her emails herself. She would tell you which manufacturer/ brand she uses personally.

NOT that she will write a prescription.

She may know who?


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