Evusheld and rapamycin

So myHMO sent me a letter saying I may be eligible to receive Evusheld, a long-acting monoclonal antibody, for “pre-exposure prophylaxis” or prevention of covid-19. I am sure this came up as sirolimus is listed as one of my meds–so technically, I fit in the “immunocompromised” category. And my age–72.
Any of the docs or other medical providers care to weigh in on this? I have had 4 pfizer injections and quite easily managed to get covid at the end of April, traveling by plane when the mask mandate was lifted. (I wore one, but had to take it off when I got motion sickness & threw up) It wasn’t terrible, but I had the sandpaper cough & fatigue–took about 3 weeks to finally resolve. Even with paxlovid. Took a break from sirolimus while taking paxlovid.
thank you–

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