Euphoria after rapamycin

I use rapamycin 2mg weekly and liposomal nmn 500mg daily. I feel an incredible feeling of happiness, especially after rapamycin. I can’t wait for rapamycin day next week. Has anyone experienced this? What could be the reason?


Some people report this, but not all. Here is a discussion on the topic from earlier: What should be the dose of euphoria? - #4 by RapAdmin

And I don’t think I’ve seen any ideas or explanations on why it happens yet, but we’re open to them!


It could be Rapamycin and NMN? I was taking 1 g of NMN daily with Rapamycin and experienced a euphoric fatigue for about a year and a half. Unfortunately the euphoric fatigue eventually went away. I guess my body got used to it.

Another thought is that it could be tied to elevated cholesterol levels as my euphoria seemed to disappear at the same time I started taking Bempedoic Acid and Ezetemibe. This is just a WAG.

Lower levels of HDL cholesterol were also found to be significantly associated with more intense ‘high’ and ‘activation-euphoria’ responses as well as with blunted cortisol responses to m-CPP (P=0.033, P=0.025 and P=0.018, respectively).