Eris LifeSciences Brand of Sirolimus from India

Does anyone have any feedback on the Eris brand of Rapamycin, India origin. Thanks :pray:t3:

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I’ve not heard of either “Eris” or “Eric” brand of Indian pharmaceutical companies. We’ve had a discussion before on what brands that we might trust from India. See these posts in this thread: Rapamycin etc., Purchase Price Comparison Spreadsheet, and Issues Discussion - #38 by RapAdmin

Thanks, Eris Lifescience is a company listed on the stock exchange as far as I can tell. Market Rank is 30. RL Pharma is selling.

I would avoid them personally. As @adssx suggested “In this list I would only buy from companies that also sell in Europe and the US. Higher standards.”

So the short list I purchase from (assuming the medicine I want is available from these companies, which it usually is) are these companies in this post (other people may have different criteria than I do, so to each his own):


I bought some Rapacan as well that ended up being Eris Rapacan. So I asked Jagdish (others on here claim his legitimacy) about this change and he explained it’s the same Rapacan as Biocon. He said that Biocon was the previous marketing company but the company who manufactures Rapacan, Swiss Garnier Biotech Pvt Ltd, is the same company who just decided to go with a new marketing company called Eris.



Ah - good information! If this is the case I would not worry much about quality of the Biocon/Eris product.