Epiterna - A New Pet Longevity Company Launches

Epiterna, the Swiss longevity company founded in 2022 by Alejandro Ocampo and Kevin Perez, announced this morning that it has exited stealth and has hit the ground running (with both two legs and four).

Epiterna has a clear ethos: to help people – and their pets – live longer and healthier lives by leveraging its unique high-throughput platform to evaluate drugs and assess their effect on healthy lifespan. Funded by Prima Materia, the investment firm founded by Spotify founder Daniel Ek and Spotify investor Shakil Khan, to the tune of €10 million, Prima Materia’s aim is to help the most ambitious European entrepreneurs find technology solutions to society’s most difficult problems.

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I am hoping that everybody jumping on the bandwagon will start to produce the same kind of exponential results that came after the invention of the transistor.
Damn, I am sorry I am so late to the game.