Epigenetic Editing Explodes on the Heels of Gene Editing Success

I find this interesting… of course I don’t think we know for sure whether epigenetic changes with aging are cause or effect… but if they are causal, this new technology may be helpful:

Although it’s still early days for this technology, experts who spoke with BioSpace said they’re optimistic that epigenetic editing will enable more broadly applicable and potentially safer therapies. And they estimate they could hit the market by the end of the decade.

“We should be able to [have] an approved [epigenetic editing] drug within the next five years,” Charlie Gersbach, a professor of biomedical engineering at Duke University whose lab spawned epigenetic editing company Tune Therapeutics, told BioSpace.


As people know i think it is the effect of metabolism on the epigenome that drives aging. I think reducing methylation of DNA is a useful target, but otherwise the issues are metabolic. Whether they can produce a better tool than the standard demethylation enzymes such as TET is an interesting question.