Eosinophilic Esophagitis & rapamycin

I’ve been a fan of this page for a while now and have read through a LOT of the posts/topics. Ordered my rapamycin 1 week ago from Oddway international and was delivered today. My wife and I just took our first dose of 1mg. We are planning to slowly increase over time (we are both in our 30’s) and take it once a week. Thank you all for the valuable info and insight!

One thing I have not found any info on here about is a condition I have called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE for short). Does anyone else have this and if so, has rapamycin been helpful in any way? If not, I guess I’ll let you all know if it helps me over the course of time.


Hi, and welcome to the site. Glad to hear you’re finding the site interesting.

I’ve never heard of this condition before, but looking at the wikipedia entry it says its an inflammatory condition. Rapamycin has some pretty strong anti-inflammatory effects, so I would not be surprised if it helps. Whatever the case (results good or not good) please report back as you test out your rapamycin.


Please post here if Rapamycin improves your condition!


So I wasn’t planning on putting an update on here this soon, but the results from rapa have been so incredible that I had to give a one month update! I actually believe my experience has been similar to @Agetron in what he describes as dysphagia here

I have had this condition since high school, but it has progressively gotten worse; to the point that I saw a GI doctor 2 years ago. I had an endoscopy done and he found that I had an overabundance of Eosinophils. My symptoms would commonly include trouble swallowing, pressure in my chest, and the innability to swallow my saliva…which meant i’d have to spit up phlem. This could have been from food struggling to go down and thus my esophagus would push up whatever couldn’t get by (I tried drinking water a couple of times to see if it would help push the food through, but it actually made it worse). The doctor didn’t really have any great solutions. He said I could try omeprazole, but I didn’t like the idea of being on that long term…so I’ve essentially lived with it, trying to chew slowly, drink water between bites, etc. This hasn’t really impacted it a lot though. It would be worse at times and better at times, but I’ve never really gone more than a couple weeks without at least getting it once.

When I started taking rapa, I recognized that several weeks had gone by without any episodes. I chalked it up to being a good period…but that I would probably have another episode soon. Then came the biggest test yet. My father’s church has a men’s elk supper every year (last Tuesday) and I have gotten it bad the last 2 years (Meat is a trigger, but for some reason elk steak really brought it on). I was a bit nervous, but ate the entire elk steak without having a reaction. I didn’t have to drink water between bites or do any of the tricks i’ve used in the past.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. Being able to eat food without worrying if I’m going to have to be in the restroom for an hour or two spitting up my saliva is a HUGE relief.

I’ll keep you all updated as time goes on, but I’m amazed at the relief of only being on it for a month.


Good for you Jeremy… I am not sure our rapamycin.news community can really understand the fear of choking to death on food - but you have to eat. And flushing with water - or milk only created a worse situation where the blockage remained and now breathing was cut off.

Happy to say after rapamycin for 3.5 years – its been over 3 years since the last time I had that problem. I can eat whatever (particular big chunks of meat), whenever and no liquid required. I will eat the driest Jimmy John’s sub sandwhich and not even look to see if there is anything to drink. no issues… my esophagus is impervious to stuck food.

Give us an update in another month - but like me - I think you are fixed. Whatever neurological cells were inflammed or not functioning correctly have been repaired. Crazy good!

BTW - Matt Kaeberlein and I exchanged emails early on and he was fascinated by my choking - swallowing of food issues being resolved after dosing with rapamycin. You and I are now N=2. LOL.