EO Thorpe on Beating the Odds of Aging





  • “have an edge”…(my translation: some habit or knowledge you use to keep you ahead of the bad habit forming, addiction to stuff that will kill you ….industrial complex)
  • exercise but not excessively
  • protect the skin from the sun
  • consider the downside when thinking about new interventions to slow aging
  • don’t forget about bone health (being active isn’t enough)
  • finasteride is a two-fer: BPH and hair thinning
  • have an offense and a defense to combat aging
  • defense against dying of one random thing or another: accident, hit by car, etc
  • defense against the weak link: alcohol, smoking, etc
  • defense against the common killers. Get checkups
  • offense using exercise, diet (same weight as at 17yo), flexibility/balance to avoid falls
  • offense using targeted supplements (he uses 4 or 5 supplements)

He’s very smart, very conservative. His defense is brilliant, stay away from the bad.

It’s so easy to get bad advice, or misunderstand things in this business because the complexity. So you can do your best and still make bad moves.

Bitcoin is a great example from the financial world. When it hit $400 I asked my kids whether I should buy and got back something like “it’s gone from 0 to $400, now you think it’s going up, are you crazy?” I mean, I didn’t need to buy 20, could have bought one or something just to figure out how it works.

So the financial world is risky too and I think that gives him a little edge. When you think you have it figured out, think again.

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