Encouraging Stories

I thought that perhaps we might share some encouraging stories. Here is one that happened today to kick off the thread.

My youngest son who is 23 said that two of the girls at the college he just started at recently asked him if he was single.

He answered that he was.

They replied, “Are you sure?”

and he said, “Yes I am single.”

They said, “Well who is the blonde girl you sometimes have lunch with in the public cafeteria?”

He laughed and said, “That’s my mother!”

He said their jaws dropped and they said, “What?”

He just laughed.

I am 57 BTW :slight_smile:

My daughter also once introduced me to some friends of hers at a party at her house. She said, "This is my mother but she is ageing in reverse. They laughed. She turned and looked at me and said, “No it’s true and also quite scary. I think that pretty soon i’m going to have to start calling her my sister.”


If you don’t mind, could you share your supplement stack? :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha, that might take some time but I will give it a try. Story form will be easier for me so I hope this doesn’t end up too long…

I started by doing the Sinclair method to stop drinking, then I started taking Berberine and Cinnamon while doing low carb OMAD and lost a ton of weight (around 40kg). A that stage I came up with the concept of joy swaps, swapping working in my sewing room on my wardrobe for working in the kitchen and having fun at the gym and out in the sun instead of reading. I figured if it was possible to get addicted to exercise I might as well give it a try. That did eventually work. I get so high from working out now that it is kind of crazy. I have headphones and always listen to music I absolutely love. World in My Eyes by Depeche Mode and Earth Wind and Fire come to mind.

I then started taking Astralgus but eventually found a suppliment called Youth Switch by Pure Health that I religiously take 2 or 3 of a day. For some reason it is the only thing I have on repeat order. Their sales movie must have worked on me! I also started Resveratrol, Co enzyme 10 and Quercitin and also Metformin. The doctor making me jump through a hundred hoops before I could get a script for Rapa. I also got my Apple watch and started religiously tracking my sleep.

I soon stopped the Co enzyme 10 because it messed with my sleep and I also saw some research that shows it only works it’s wonders on mice eating trans fats. I have never eaten seed oils or trans fats, I also stopped the Metformin because I didn’t like it and the resveratrol when a lot of other people did.
I still take Quercitin 500mg (I think) every night after dinner.

I had already taken NAC for awhile when I was still drinking for hangovers but later got going with Glynac and really loved that. I have taken about 1/3 of the dose Dr. Green recommends for a year or more but have recently tried to up that, but often forget.

I have also been on bioidentical hormone replacement for many years now - but last year started taking more DHEA, zinc etc. as per TRIM.

I finally started taking Rapa about 6 or 8 months ago, 6 mg once per week with EVO and GFJ but have skipped the GFJ lately just out of instinct (don’t know why) .

Other stuff - I take 50 000 iu of vitamin A about 3 times a week when I remember. I also take annatto vitamin E once a day. I never believed the bad hype about vitamin E, my dad used it with near miraculous results in his medical practice for many years. I also eat a lot of pate, oily fish, codlivers, and home made vegetable and meat soup and we probably eat slow cooked lamb at least 3 nights a week.

I also grow micro greens in soil as a hobby business supplying a few restaurants and so we eat a lot of fresh broccolli sprouts and pea shoots which I believe are very high in Sulphuraphane and Spermadine. Cabbage is the one vegetable I couldn’t live without. Organic coleslaw, sourkraute, Kimchee etc. Other brassicas too. Broccoli, Cauliflower and Asian greens but not so much spinach or Kale. Oh and every kind of mushroom by the boatload.

What else? DMAE bitartrate (150mg) and PABA (500mg) as natural sunscreen in the morning once a day. Also rosehips or any kind of natural vitamin C I can find and whatever collagen suppliments I find on special at the supermarket by the ton. 1 gm of NMN too, under my tongue in the morning but I am not entirely convinced about this. I also take a half a teaspoon of Brahmi (Bacopa Moneria), Milk Thistle, and Proseren Saw palmetto every morning and LDN at night.

Oh and I also take Taurine now (up to 9gms a day now) and a big dose of magnesium at bedtime along with the all the other stuff I do which you can read in the ‘off label medications to improve sleep’ thread.
The Taurine has been a remarkable journey for me but that is in the Taurine thread.

I am a fan of probiotics. L. Reuteri especially, which I used to make yogurt from. It has a very noticeable effect of bringing moments of joy to my day that I have not experienced since I was young.

Joy is a bit thing for me. I mean what is the point of doing all this stuff to stay young and healthy if you are not finding any joy in your life? If I feel depressed the first thing I consider is my potassium intake and make a pot of vegetable soup with lots of celery.

What do I do that is different than everyone else?

  1. I love hypnosis and mediation audios and am even planning on starting to produce some soon. I have used them and naltrexone with great success to change my habits. Stopping vaping and smoking the hardest, but accomplished this time without gaining weight.

  2. I am big fan of skin taping. After I lost a lot of weight I used Kineseology tape to shrink the skin on my body so it didn’t sag. My stomach and breasts especially. I also use invisible tape under my hair at the sides of my face and behind my neck which takes 10 to 15 years off my face. If anyone notices it I just say I am shrinking my skin after losing so much weight (which is the truth!)

  3. More on the cosmetic side I love makeup and also wear multifocal contact lenses which I love.

  4. I am also a big fan of Feldenkrais and adapt all my gym exercises around it’s principles. I would love to explain more but that’s for another post. More than anything I have done it has helped me feel like a kid again. It is not so much exercise as retraining how you move.

I have some exercises I have invented myself based on this that I will share soon if anyone is interested. I might get my husband to video me doing them which would be fun. There is a guy called Taro on Youtube who is an expert. Check out how young he looks in how he moves. That aspect of his teaching was inspirational to me and I feel that I have embodied it.

Oh and last but not least - I never use sun screen but get sun in the middle of the day for a half hour or more everyday, but only when the sun is above 50 degrees. I never sit in winter sun, sun behind glass or clouds or wind. I also cover my face almost entirely when I sleep but that info is in the sleep thread.

Most of all it is about forgiving yourself and others while also maintaining high standards around respect. I spent a large part of my life being over reactive. Now I pace myself and work at staying fit and strong. I also spend a lot of time thinking, and putting myself in other people’s shoes. I am not in a rush to solve every problem that comes my way now. Time and reflection work miracles that no quick fix will ever match.


Impressive program. Congratulations


I went with my daughter to buy a used van. We looked a two different ones. She has 4 kids and one in her belly. Both times they referred to us as a couple and she had to tell them I was her dad.

I can’t tell you how good it made me feel. I lost a few years there. It has happened before, but I’m actually starting to get old now.


Thanks Joseph!!! It is great to have contact with people with similar interests. I’m not sure what the next 20 years will bring for me - my main goal is just not being someone that anyone has to look after when I am old :slight_smile:


Amazing story. Your veggie mix are likely helped, I wish I was nearby!


Great story.

What I run into fairly frequently is the situation where you are talking with other parents, and you’re talking about activities with your kids (I do a lot of skiing, biking, hiking, etc. with my kids) and one of the other parents makes a comment like “ah yes, I used to do those activities when I was younger like you”, and it becomes obvious over the conversation that the person making the comments is actually about 5 or more years younger than I am, but he thinks that I am an equal number of years younger than him.

As they say, its a bit of a head-fake when you have to swivel your mindset around a bit to understand the very different perspective this person has of you, vs. reality. Its funny how people jump to conclusions about age. I’ve long ago given up on guessing women ages because I know from experience that you can get people from age 30 to 50 that look almost identical from an age perspective.


You should grow them Jonas! It is really easy. There are so many tutorials on Youtube.

My advice is to do them in trays in soil and not in jars. Much less work and a much better product.

The trick with Pea Shoots is weighting them so they have something to push up against to get their roots down. I just soak the snow pea seeds for 4 or more hours and then arrange them on top of the soil so they are touching and not overlapping. I then put one hard plastic sheet over the top and then a thick rubber mat cut to the same size as the tray. If you water them well you shouldn’t need to touch them for another 4 or 5 days (leave them in the dark) and then take the cover off, water them and leave them another couple of days in the dark to stretch.

After that give them about another 5 days in the sun watering them from underneath (two trays the top with soil has holes in it and the bottom holds water). The broccoli is even easier and faster. Just put the seeds on the soil and spray it. Then cover with a hard sheet of plastic cut to size. Give another spray ever couple of days and then leave them in the dark to stretch with the cover off and then out in the sun.

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People that I used to look at and think were old I now look at and know they are not really old but sick from what they are eating :frowning:


Thank you for the details! May be one day I’ll try trays as well. I grow broccoli sprouts in a jar. No soil, small space, clean and easy. One batch lasts for 3 - 4 days for 1 person. I also sprout mung beans the same way. Other micro greens I buy at a local health food store. Unfortunately don’t have much counter space to grow them in trays.


Great posts, Karismac! I’m a fit 64-year-old woman and this summer my family went to a few weddings. My 2 daughters and in their 20’s couldn’t stop talking about all the cute guys approaching me, chatting and dancing with me. My hubby teased me about “all my boyfriends”.

I grow most my own produce in the warmer months, also sprout broccoli and other seeds, but use mason jars. I grow enough greens to have extra for dehydrating and making into powders, to last through our cold winters in Massachusetts. i also forge wild greens and make my own sauerkraut.

My diet is pretty clean, being a whole food plant-based GF vegan and eat cruciferous veggies daily, as well as flax and hemp seed and recently added sunflower lecithin.

My stack:
Rapamycin 6-7 mg weekly
1/2 tsp leucine, pinch of resveratrol, 50mg vit B6, 1/12 tsp TMG, 1 tsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1 Tb trehalose, all mixed in a bit of olive oil in the morning, although I’m not consistent with this mix and vary it.
Vit B12 and non-heme iron twice weekly.
1 tsp glycine. Bought powder NAC but can’t stand the smell of it- should probably put it in capsules…
I also add Chlorella, fresh ginger and turmeric root and black pepper to my morning smoothies.
If anyone has a good GF spermidine source, please share.

I did buy a dozen canisters of collagen when they were on sale, and planned to add it to my daily smoothies, due to all the claimed health benefits, even though not vegan, but could not stomach it, psychologically. So, if anyone is interested in a good deal for collagen with expiration date in 2025, let me know…

I also meditate daily, walk about 8 miles/day with my dog, do tai chi, weights and grounding and take dry saunas 3-4 times per week followed by hot then cold shower to stimulate heat-shock proteins…

For those eating cooked cruciferous veggies, add some raw ones or some mustard seed to the mix to add enzymes for full benefits.


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Lovely Fawn :slight_smile: I believe that snow pea sprouts are high in spermadine, and super easy to grow!

Good to know, Karen. I eat lots of green peas for their spermidine content, but probably the sprouts would have significantly more spermidine. Thank you.


I put this in my newly interested in longevity thread about my doctors appointment yesterday. I’m under no illusions that I look much younger than my age and that’s okay because I didn’t really shift my focus to longevity until this year but I’m pleased to no longer wake up feeling like I’m rapidly aging each day. I’m also pretty minimalist when it comes to my beauty regimen so considering that I was pleased that my doctor commented that I look vibrant, my hair and skin look great and I have an aura of radiant health.