Emoxypine (like B6)?

# Emoxypine

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Interesting compound. We have probably not heard much about it:
“Owing to its Russian origin, approval was not obtained for its usage in the United States or Europe.”

Oddly, it is available from our friend Amazon.
Mexidol Forte 250 mg Anxiety Relief Anti Stress 40 Tablets, $32.80 ($0.82 / Count)
Genuine product of Pharmasoft Made in Russia, Drug Facts information Included

“This includes antihypoxic, neuroprotective and cardioprotective effects, along with pharmacokinetic benefits such as the ability to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), owing to its relatively small size and low molecular weight.”

“Emoxypine was seen to increase collateral coronary blood flow without significantly altering the systemic arterial blood pressure”

“The antidepressant action of Emoxypine has been widely studied in animal models. In an experimental setup designed by Volchegorskii et al.,”
“it has been observed to exert a potent antioxidant effect”



I’ve recently started taking this, as a powder. It’s very sour! I got it from here:

Haven’t noticed results, but it’s been only a few days.

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Thanks for the tip. I don’t plan on taking it at this time, but thanks for being the Guinea pig.
Nootropic Source has some products not typically found at other nootropic vendors. :grin:
I hope they stay in business.

I am constantly surprised at how on the cutting edge this site is. If it’s new and even remotely available you will find it here.


Its a fine line between cutting edge and bleeding edge…

I think the key thing in trying new things in terms of longevity is testing to make sure things are not going too far off the rails before you adjust the trajectory.


@lukegadget Why are you taking it, and how will you determine if it helps you?

I’m interested in this after seeing the link to it here. It does seem to have some fascinating properties, especially as an anti-oxidant with good safety profile and minimal reported side effects. I’m particularly interested in the cardioprotective properties given my recent and rather frightening ApoB results, and family history.

It’s often mentioned as an anxiolytic, though that at least isn’t an issue for me.

Here are a couple links and I recommend reading all the way through. A couple “side” details I thought interesting were improved performance on the swimming rat (“learned helplessness”) test and reduced lactate after exertion.

(this is the link @desertshores posted earlier)

@desertshores yes I like nootropicsource - professional, not gaudy interface, no breathless promotion or affiliate links. Many interesting products (I do like to buy powders when I can, to save money and minimize extra stuff in pills). Their products seem pricey but excellent quality.

I’ll share any interesting results, but tbh I very rarely feel anything from any substance (with a few exceptions, some notable) which is why I sometimes tend toward rather freewheeling Guinea Pigism.

When I follow the link and try to select 25g, my antivirus BitDefender claims it blocked a link with an embedded Trojan:

“We blocked this dangerous page for your protection:
Threat name: JS:Trojan.Cryxos.13103”

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Sounds like their site may have been hacked - I would avoid it (I’ve replaced the link above with just an image).,

Well darn. I have multiple layers of protection and didn’t get an alert - maybe it’s recent. I’ll stay away for the time being - maybe send them that alert via email.

I too, have several layers including paid protection. I visited the site with no warnings.

I emailed them, and got a reply almost immediately (another reason I like them - they actually read emails):

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are making changes and updates to the website so could have been received in error or it has already been resolved. Either way, we will bring it to our dev teams attention immediately to look into it.

I think it’s a transient issue. Give it a day or two to be on the safe side.