Elysium Health and Misleading Marketing & Interpretation of Data

Interesting discussion on “questionable” presentation of their product data. What are people’s opinions on this type of promotion by companies in the longevity field?

Full Paper Results:



This is super disappointing stuff. Elysium has some big names involved and they definitely know this isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

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IMO, there are multiple problems:
Lack of scientific evidence, without studies or with poor studies
Lack of quality control in manufacturing, unintended or intentional
Questionable product claims, even from well known people
Outright fraud

Unfortunately, when combined with misinformation on Internet forums, this becomes a quagmire through which people have to try to get quality products that will actually help.

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Dang! This is very disappointing. I’ve been an Elysium customer for many years–first, with their product Basis (NR), and more recently, with Signal (NMN). I went with them because I know and respect a couple of their scientist-advocates…I wonder what these guys are going to say now. Maybe just ignore the current bad press and hope it goes away? I want to keep taking NMN (I realize it’s an “iffy” product in terms of actual, verifiable benefits), so if anyone out there knows a better source for it, please let me know. Until recently, it wasn’t even available to the general public, and Elysium seemed to be my best bet for sourcing.


DMD, For NMN consider ProHealth longevity bulk supplements. I did a small amount of research several years ago and was satisfied with the company and it’s products. At the time I was looking for a trustworthy company with quality products, not cheap, adulterated products. Of course, investigate as best you can with your own research.

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Thanks so much, Jay! I will definitely look into ProHealth. I appreciate the advice, especially in light of the Elysium snag.

Do Not Age (donotage.org) is the best source for supplements like NMN and the like

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Pricing and comparison of dosing quantity from Consumerlab (who also lab-tested them). Note - I highly recommend people sign up for ConsumerLab - you’ll more than save the price of the service and get much higher quality products, if you purchase many vitamins):

Here is another product test report. There are several brands that have 97% or more of the stated NMN.

IMO: I see no need to pay the high prices DoNotAge.org charges.



I really like DoNotAge’s (DNA) NMN powder. It is much cheaper as I don’t have to pay for the capsules and encapsulation. Their powder combined with EVOO seemed to have better results than ProHealth and was cheaper. I had used ProHealth NMN before switching to DNA. Make sure to use the 10% off coupon for DNA purchases (code=longevityblog). I also use their NMN with their TMG.

DoNotAge NMN is $1 USD/ 1g of NMN powder. Much cheaper than many alternatives. Also, it is the highest quality NMN I have used. Many of the other alternatives listed above are at least 2-3X more expensive.

Doublewood (250 mg) * $0.82 * 4 = $3.28 USD / 1g
Alive by Science (160 mg) * $0.28 * 6.25 = $1.75 USD / 1g

I don’t know why people keep saying it is more expensive when it appears to be the cheapest and highest quality. If there’s a cheaper quality source, please let me know and I’ll switch, but I haven’t found anything better yet.

I have found my sweet spot at about 750 mg of NMN a day. So the powder is much better as I can measure out the exact amount I need instead of wasting or overdosing using 500 mg capsules.

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Isn’t the more important question- does NMN or NR work?
Sorry, that’s a bit off track.
But string already getting tangential.

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IMHO, I use NMN as a healthspan hack. It gives me a lot more energy. I wake up without feeling tired and I go longer before I feel tired at the end of the day. I calculated it to be about 4 more energetic hours per day. It also removes any jet lag or the effects of not enough sleep. There are some days I only get 3 hours of sleep. I just take my coffee and my NMN and it feels like I had a full night’s sleep whereas before I would feel like the walking dead even with the coffee. That alone is worth it to me to use NMN even if it may not help me live longer.

You must be a super responder.

Ha - that is true, but I tend to look at all supplements / drugs that are not giving positive results in the NIA ITP program as “possibly helpful” in some sort of healthspan/specific area, and just watch the date going forward. Its not worth arguing about, except to share data on new studies and discuss the relative merits of the research. And yes, we’re way off topic now.

I wake up at 5:30 am daily. Prior to NMN, I would get tired at around 4 pm. Now, I get tired around 8 pm. So, it’s an extra 4 hours of quality energy daily. Not to mention avoiding the effects of not enough or poor sleep. I am not sure if that makes me a super responder as I probably had energy issues before?

I don’t like Do not age at all, their desperate attempts to infiltrate facebook groups, and sponsoring youtube personalities with their countless discount codes etc just puts me off. I believe that most of their supplements with the exception of NMN and Resveratrol is not even 3rd party tested.
Renue By Science is probably someone that deserves a better look, they seems to be the only ones that have lipsomal alternatives to their supplements, meaning better absorption.

ProHealth Longevity and DoNotAge get theyr NmN from the same supplier.


Glad it works for you. Maybe I’ll give it a try. N of 1 studies are great if they work and you’re the 1.